For clients who have a third-party theme, I can modify this to meet your requirements. If you are unable to make the theme do what you want visually or functionally, there are usually ways to accomplish this by adding styling or coding to the existing theme.

Here are some examples of sites that I have worked on:

  •– new website for Family Violence Law Center created with a team of pro-bono consultants from Taproot Foundation. One of my main goals was to design the site so that the non-profit could update and maintain it themselves. This site uses the Virtue Premium theme with many customizations to meet the organization’s needs.
  •– portfolio website for artist and instructor, Linda Winterbotham: created a new website to replace a very old iWeb site. The starting point for this site was a free WordPress theme that I customized for a quick turnaround and very reasonable cost.
  •– personal website for Gary Kremen, entrepreneur: added menu items, set up posts with custom fields to easily add press to home and press pages
  •– blog to help parents find the best local activities, services and products for families: advised on hosting options and general WordPress questions, evaluated premium themes for blog, modified theme for style and layout requirements
  •– reading and math tutoring non-profit: modified layout for improved content placement, general WordPress support
  •– a non-profit organization offering an online forum for newly diagnosed diabetics and their families: modified css to alter logo location and added demarkation to sidebar
  •– a variety of modifications to a standard WordPress theme
  • Measure E and Measure A local school bond measure websites: created short term sites for campaigns