The Project:

David Barth had an outdated website created on a drag-and-drop style platform. He had very quickly outgrown the limitations in design and functionality for his ever-expanding business of providing after school programs, summer, holiday break and overnight camps, and track programs. On this project I collaborated with KAB Creative and took Kathy’s page designs and turned them into a responsive website that provided a much improved registration and payment process. David plans to do the updates to the site himself so ease of maintenance was a high priority.

What I did:

  • Custom theme based on .jpg image files. My implementation focused on making all the content that needed to be updated accessible without breaking the design and using best practices for efficient website development.
  • Responsive design has layout that adjusts for 4 different screen sizes.
  • Brand new linked registration and payment system. Using the Gravity Forms form plugin and PayPal Payments Add-on, registrations forms are integrated with a secure payment process.
  • More powerful registration process allows multiple children from the same family to be registered in one session and provides various discounts and coupons for flexible pricing.
  • Unique sidebars for each page with related photos and testimonials pertaining to that page.

  • Support of hosting change from to InMotion Hosting, new email set up and forwarding, procurement of SSL certificate and forwarding of traffic from the old domain to new site, training of clients on maintenance and updates.
  • SEO

What David Barth says:

For our business, the new website has made life easier and administrative work easier to manage. We are way ahead of where we were last year in terms of our after school and summer camp registrations. When we direct people to our website I used to cringe a bit, but now I proudly send them on their way. No matter who you choose to build your website you are going to hit bumps in the road, its just a part of the process. When we hit our bumps Geri was super responsive and put a ton of hard work to make this a website this is both functional and visually appealing. Our customers say the new process is very good- much easier now to be able to sign up multiple kids on one page and process the payment right away.

View the site: