The Project:

Dan Anderson, the CEO, contacted me about creating their first website. He sent me a wonderful old drawing of the family’s original property upon which I based my design. After the site was complete I gave Dan documentation on updating the site himself so they are not dependent on paying for small changes. Recently, Dan was back in touch about a single new site for the two residential properties they own. This site replaces two very old apartment complex websites. The apartment managers wanted to maintain the individuality of each property while keeping a consistent structure for the single site. I advised them on how to achieve this without overly complicating the design. While the managers were very enthusiastic about online form submission, the decision was made to remove these for security reasons.

What I did:

  • Custom, responsive (apartment site only) WordPress theme.
  • Photo optimization and editing.
  • Extensive form development for rental application and new resident information (removed for security reasons).
  • Support with hosting set up and add-on domain for apartment site.

What Daniel Anderson says:

Geri Macomber did a fantastic job making our web site a reality—and did so in a way that was quick, painless, and cost effective. We have been delighted with the end result which has helped us give our company credibility as an established, serious company. Geri not only helped us with the design but helped us get on-line. I highly recommend her services: she’s knowledgeable, creative, reliable—and a very nice person!”

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