The Project:

Annie Wang had a single page, old website that needed a complete overhaul. I created a modern, clean design based on examples of other websites Annie liked. In addition, she wanted an SEO plan focusing on local search that would meet her ambitious goals. Soon after we started working on her site, she found out she was going to win a highly regarded local business award and very much wanted her new site to be live for this. We agreed that a landing page that contained as much information as possible and could go live within weeks would meet her requirements. This design was then used for the full site.

What I did:

  • Local search set up with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Follow up with these services to optimize search placement.
  • General SEO research and development of website around keywords and phrases.
  • Custom, responsive WordPress theme.
  • Extensive form development for patient intake, consent and financial forms to be submitted online (removed for security reasons).
  • Support of GoDaddy hosting changes from Windows to Linux to improve performance.

What Annie Wang says:

I run a medical practice. I feel SO fortunate to have had Geri redesign my outdated website recently! Geri is a talented web designer who has not only designed a beautiful and functional website, but was helpful in many ways. To start out, she is prompt, responsible and attentive. Also, during the design process, Geri spend a solid amount of time researching my field as well as learning about what the current trends for website designs are. She is straight forward and made recommendations whenever necessary. For example, she advised me about the risks of submitting forms with sensitive personal data online and we modified our plan accordingly. Additionally, she dealt with my web hosting company with customer support, and even found a new plan that allowed my site to work faster without extra costs. Something that I never would have realized. Geri made re-designing my website a breeze, and I am really happy and excited about the new site! I can definitely get used to her “under promising and over delivering” style. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a great website that looks updated and attractive!”

View the site: